Old Galleries Track, Lake Catani & the Monolith Walk

Monolith Walk:   Back
This walk start from the Chalet car park and is a good walk, its length depends on which of the many paths in the chalet area that you decide to take.  We ended up taking some 6km, walking back along the road.

The target is of course the monolith, which when I was younger you could climb up for a magnificent view.  That's still possible but from below the monolith now.


The monolith - the stairs are old and dangerous, so no access is allowed. A pity! Views from the top, left is the summit and right is Lake Catani.
We checked out the plains on the way back.
Flowers abound everywhere.   Back
Lake Catani:  
The campground is located here and looks a great spot to spend some time.  Its an easy walk around, with loads of spring flowers and orchids to be found.
The bushfires of 2003 will be evident for many years to come.  You wonder as you walk why some parts got off and other areas are badly effected.  Gums are now starting to recover.
Old Galleries Track  
This is a circuit track which passes through and around huge granite boulders.