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A long drop down - thanks for the bridge Mr. Ranger. It does afford a good view as well. The bridge from another angle. We see another orchid here - a few months off yet before it flowers.
  Tunnels again. I'm sure Joey and mates are proud of this but I'm not.  
The fire seemed to miss this area and all looked quite natural.     I thought this must be the top - we are close now.
Looking back the way we came up      
  Then I see it - the real top - the look-out comes into view. Full Zoom - to confirm it. Still a bit more to go.
    The top.  
We catch up together again. Lake Bellfield was full some 10 years ago, now its almost empty.   Lake Fyans - still some water left in it!


A photostitch of a couple of photos - a wide view from the top towards Lake Bellfield.

   Full size 2000 *707  583KB
      Water is still trickling in to the dam.
We decided to do a round trip - this is the other way down. Strong re-growth in the forest near the top.    
Great views and some difficult (for us) terrain.   A fair amount of rock hopping as we go down.  
  A last view of the Tower Hill, now with a plume of smoke behind it. I look back to the top.  
More fungi.

Steep - care needed on these rocks as we go down.

Back to forest, leaving the rocks behind.
Gentle slopes for a while Fallen tree makes and arch for us. When our kids were much younger we sat for a rest here not any more. 2.5 KM to the top.
We take our road to the left (Burma Track). This section should be much easier - but it's a bit stony and you need to take  care, Views sneak in between the trees. The road seems to have been graded, note the layers of rock in the embankment.
We had expected to see an old hut along this section, but, alas the fire has taken it away. Daisy. We looked up and were amazed that we saw the top - before the fires there would have been no way to see the top this easily. Amazingly there is someone up there - its now 4 pm - a bit late to be there if you want to walk out in the light.
  We hoped to see these small orchids and we did right near the end.   We had to take a photo of this amazing rock - a really weird pattern.
We took about 5 hours for the 11 to 12 km round trip for this medium/hard walk - slow, but we did take lots of photo stops.  I made it - there was never a doubt that my other half would always make it.  It was a great day and a great walk.

If you have the time it's a must do.

A fallen tree.  A widow maker.  This can happen so easily after fire. Back to the main road. A race to the car and hot drinks.

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