Name: Corysanthes despectans Common Name Coast Helmet Orchid
    Synonym Corybas despectans
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We were used to seeing the big Corybas in the wild, but these new ones were oh, so small!  It was very difficult to see them.  The flower is less than half the size of the others.  They hid in the open, looking very much like Dichondra (or its close relative) but they hug the ground very closely - this is the give-away. 

They are found in 2 areas, this one and one at Portland.

Photographed on the Mornington Peninsula.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering July - August, mainly July.

Size: Ground hugging to 3cm,  flower - 1, to 12mm across. 

Location:  Found in coastal areas on the Mornington Peninsula. Grows in closed scrublands, dominated by Coast Tea Tree in moist shady areas.  Soils are rich sands.

Endemic, Vulnerable


Coin = 25mm Dia. (1 inch)