Name: Diplodium striatum Common Name: Striped Greenhood
    Synonym: Pterostylis alata


We first found these orchids in the Brisbane Ranges on a cold day in June 2004, we found 2 new orchids on this day (new to us anyway), and this made it a very worthwhile trip out for a forest walk.

Since then we have found another site, still in the Brisbane ranges and fortunately not in an area burnt by the recent  fires (2006).  The initial site is still in a restricted area and we may not be able to check on the orchids survival until next season.

Photographed in the Brisbane Ranges National Park.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  April to August, mainly May/July

Size: Up to 25cm tall, flower - to 30mm

Position:  Found in sheltered positions in Heath lands and drier open forests.


Status:  Secure


Coin Dia. = 25mm (1 inch.)