Name: Diuris monticola Common Name: Mountain Golden Moths
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The Common Hover Fly - Melangyna viridiceps, its telescopic "mouth" organ extended ready to pollinate.

We had started our walk, not hopeful of finding anything, the Rangers had said there was no orchids out this early in the season.  We soon came across 2 other walkers, stopped by a red bellied black.  Where we asked? Along the path?  We walked on, no snake to be seen, they followed.  He got a mobile call, HR was doing what?  We moved quicker.

We were winding back to the car when I stopped to photograph  some yellow buttons.  Mischa looked around for a better shot and found this orchid.  The only one around.

More hikers coming!  Photographing Diuris are we, she asked.  There are hundreds down the path 50m away.  We exchanged notes and headed on to the new area.  She was right, there were heaps to be seen.

Photographed at Mt. Buffalo NP.

Details (Vic):

Flowering:  Flowering November to January.

Size: Up to 35cm tall,  flowers -  usually 1 to 4, 25mm across.

Location: Highlands of Eastern Victoria, above 800m.


Being pollinated by the Common Hover Fly - Melangyna viridiceps