Orchid Directory: Victoria
In this ever changing world, we have tried to put together a list of current accepted orchid names along with their synonyms and common names. 

To do this we have used the book titled "The Orchids of Victoria" and CD titled "The Wild Orchids of Victoria" by Gary Backhouse and Jeffrey Jeanes to determine the base list of orchids and their common names. This list was expanded by information gained by web searches and other information available to us.   Then currently accepted names and synonyms were extracted from the web site of the Australian National Botanical Gardens  http://www.cpbr.gov.au/win/index.html.

Nb: The Australian Plant Name Index is often updated as new orchid species are identified or are reclassified.  We will endeavour to keep abreast of these changes and update this page ASAP.

Please contact us if you have any comments, amendments or even additions to this page.

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Accepted Name Recent Synonym Common Name
Acianthus collinus  Acianthus collinus Hooded Caps
Acianthus exsertus Acianthus exsertus Large Mosquito Orchid
Acianthus pusillus Acianthus pusillus Small Mosquito Orchid
Corybas fordhamii  Anzybas fordhamii  Swamp Helmet Orchid, Banded Helmet
Corybas unguiculatus Anzybas unguiculatus  Pelicans, Small Helmet Orchid
Caladenia aestiva Arachnorchis aestiva Mountain Summer Spider Orchid
Caladenia amoena     Arachnorchis amoena  Charming Spider Orchid
"Caladenia" ampla Arachnorchis ampla Hard Hills Spider Orchid
"Caladenia" ancylosa Arachnorchis ancylosa Ancylosa Spider Orchid
"Caladenia" arenaria sp aff 1    Arachnorchis arenaria sp aff 1    Miram Piram Spider Orchid
"Caladenia" arenaria sp aff 2    Arachnorchis arenaria sp aff 2    Yanipy Spider orchid
"Caladenia" arenaria sp aff Arachnorchis arenaria sp aff Sandhill Spider Orchid
Caladenia audasii  Arachnorchis audasii  McIvor Spider Orchid
Caladenia australis  Arachnorchis australis  Southern Spider Orchid
Caladenia sp aff australis  Arachnorchis australis sp aff  Moondarra Spider Orchid
Arachnorchis australis sp aff 2 Arachnorchis australis sp aff 2 Otways Spider Orchid
Arachnorchis australis sp aff 3 Arachnorchis australis sp aff 3 Cathedral Spider Orchid
Caladenia brachyscapa  Arachnorchis brachyscapa  Short Spider Orchid
Caladenia calcicola  Arachnorchis calcicola  Limestone Spider Orchid
Caladenia cardiochila Arachnorchis cardiochila  Heart-lip Spider Orchid
Caladenia catenata sp. aff. Arachnorchis catenata sp. aff. Variable Fingers
Caladenia concolor sp. aff. 1 Arachnorchis clavescens Midlands Spider Orchid
Caladenia clavigera  Arachnorchis clavigera  Plain-lip Spider Orchid
Caladenia sp 'Coastal Dunes' Arachnorchis sp 'Coastal dunes' Dune Spider Orchid
Caladenia colorata Arachnorchis colorata Colourful Spider Orchid
Caladenia colorata sp. aff. Arachnorchis colorata sp. aff. Nelson Spider Orchid
Caladenia concolor  Arachnorchis concolor  Crimson Spider Orchid
Caladenia concolor sp. aff. 2    Arachnorchis concolor sp. aff. 2 Violet Town Spider Orchid
Caladenia concolor sp aff 3     Arachnorchis concolor sp. aff. 3  Carboor Spider Orchid 
Caladenia concolor sp. aff. 4 Arachnorchis concolor sp. aff. 4 Tooborac Spider Orchid
Caladenia concolor sp. aff. 5 Arachnorchis concolor sp. aff. 5 Brisbane Ranges Spider
Arachnorchis concolor sp. aff. 6 Arachnorchis concolor sp. aff. 6 Kyneton Spider Orchid
"caladenia" australis sp aff 4 Arachnorchis cremna Beady Spider Orchid
Caladenia venusta sp aff 2 Arachnorchis cretacea Stuart Mill Spider.
Caladenia cruciformis  Arachnorchis cruciformis  Crucifix Spider-orchid
Caladenia dilatata  Arachnorchis dilatata  Greencomb Spider Orchid
Caladenia douglasiorum Arachnorchis douglasiorum Yellow Spider Orchid
Caladenia flavovirens  Arachnorchis flavovirens  Summer Spider Orchid
Caladenia formosa Arachnorchis formosa Elegant Spider Orchid
Caladenia fragrantissima  Arachnorchis fragrantissima  Scented Spider Orchid
Caladenia fragrantissima sp.aff.1 Arachnorchis fragrantissima sp. aff. 1     Inverleigh Spider Orchid                           
Caladenia fragrantissima sp. aff. 2 Arachnorchis fragrantissima sp. aff. 2 Bendigo Spider Orchid
Caladenia fulva  Arachnorchis fulva  Tawny Spider Orchid    
Caladenia patersonii sp. aff. 2 Arachnorchis grampiana Grampians Spider Orchid
Caladenia hastata  Arachnorchis hastata Melblom's Spider Orchid
Caladenia insularis  Arachnorchis insularis  French Island Spider Orchid
Caladenia" reticulata sp aff Arachnorchis little clowns sp Clown Spider Orchid
Caladenia lowanensis Arachnorchis lowanensis  Wimmera Spider Orchid
Caladenia magnifica  Arachnorchis magnifica  Magnificent Spider Orchid
Caladenia montana Arachnorchis montana Mountain Spider Orchid
Caladenia" necrophylla Arachnorchis necrophylla Wilting Spider Orchid
Caladenia oenochila  Arachnorchis oenochila  Wine-lipped Spider Orchid
Caladenia oenochila sp. aff. Arachnorchis oenochila sp. aff. St. Andrews Spider Orchid
Arachnorchis oenochila sp. aff. 2 Arachnorchis oenochila sp. aff. 2 Strathbogie Spider Orchid
Caladenia oreophila Arachnorchis oreophila Monaro Spider Orchid
Caladenia orientalis  Arachnorchis orientalis  Eastern Spider Orchid
Caladenia osmera Arachnorchis osmera Border Spider Orchid
Caladenia parva  Arachnorchis parva  Small Spider Orchid
Caladenia patersonii  Arachnorchis patersonii  Cream Spider Orchid
Caladenia patersonii sp. aff. 1 Arachnorchis patersonii sp. aff. 1 Killawarra Spider Orchid
Caladenia patersonii sp aff  2 Arachnorchis patersonii sp. aff. 2 Moe Spider Orchid
Arachnorchis patersonii sp. aff. 3 Arachnorchis patersonii sp. aff. 3 Grampians Spider Orchid
Caladenia fitzgeraldii sp aff 1 Arachnorchis peisleyi Heath Spider Orchid
Caladenia phaeoclavia Arachnorchis phaeoclavia  Brown-clubbed Spider Orchid
Caladenia pilotensis Arachnorchis pilotensis Mt Pilot Spider Orchid.
Caladenia pumila Arachnorchis pumila Dwarf Spider Orchid.
Caladenia reticulata  Arachnorchis reticulata  Veined Spider Orchid
Caladenia sp aff reticulata Arachnorchis reticulata  sp aff  McCann's Spider Orchid
Caladenia robinsonii  Arachnorchis robinsonii  Frankston Spider Orchid
Caladenia rosella  Arachnorchis rosella  Rosella Spider Orchid
Caladenia stricta Arachnorchis stricta  Upright Spider Orchid
Caladenia tensa Arachnorchis tensa  Rigid Spider Orchid
Caladenia tentaculata  Arachnorchis tentaculata  Mantis Orchid
Caladenia tessellata  Arachnorchis tessellata  Thick-lip Spider Orchid
Caladenia thysanochila   Arachnorchis thysanochila  Peninsula Spider Orchid
Caladenia toxochila  Arachnorchis toxochila  Bow-lip Spider Orchid
Caladenia valida  Arachnorchis valida Robust Spider Orchid
Caladenia sp aff valida Arachnorchis valida sp aff Raymond Island Spider Orchid
Caladenia venusta  Arachnorchis venusta  Large White Spider Orchid
Caladenia venusta sp. aff. 1  Arachnorchis venusta sp. aff. 1  Kilsyth Sth. Spider.
Arachnorchis venusta sp. aff. 2 Arachnorchis venusta sp. aff. 2  Kooyoora Spider Orchid
Caladenia venusta sp. aff. 3 Arachnorchis venusta sp. aff. 3 Tallageira Spider.
Arachnorchis venusta sp. aff. 8 Arachnorchis venusta sp. aff. 8  Ararat HillsSpider Orchid
Arachnorchis venusta sp. aff. 9 Arachnorchis venusta sp. aff. 9 Dark Tailed Spider Orchid
"Caladenia" venusta X tentaculata Arachnorchis venusta X tentaculata Venusta Hybrid
Caladenia verrucosa  Arachnorchis verrucosa  Mallee Spider Orchid
Caladenia versicolor  Arachnorchis versicolor  Candy Spider Orchid
Caladenia villosissima Arachnorchis villosissima Hairy Spider Orchid
Caladenia xanthochila  Arachnorchis xanthochila  Yellow-lip Spider Orchid
Caladenia x variabilis  Arachnorchis Xvariabilis  Variable Spider Orchid
Pterostylis chlorogramma  Bunochilus chlorogrammus  Green-striped Greenhood
Pterostylis melagramma sp. aff. 1 Bunochilus crassus Orange-tip Greenhood
Pterostylis diminuta Bunochilus diminutus Small Flowered Leafy Greenhood 
Pterostylis Macilentus Bunochilus macilentus macilentis 
Pterostylis melagramma Bunochilus melagrammus  Tall Greenhood
Bunochilus loganii Bunochilus melagrammus sp aff Logan's Greenhood
Pterostylis melagramma sp. aff.3  Bunochilus melagrammus sp. aff. 3  Dainty Greenhood
Pterostylis montanus Bunochilus montanus Montane Leafy Greenhood
Pterostylis montanus 1 Bunochilus montanus Early Form Montane Leafy Greenhood
Pterostylis melagramma sp.aff.2 Bunochilus prasinus Glossy Greenhood
Pterostylis smaragdyna  Bunochilus smaragdynus  Emerald-lip Greenhood
Pterostylis tunstallii Bunochilus tunstallii  Tunstall's Greenhood
Bunochilus Woolpooer sp Bunochilus Woolpooer sp Woolpooer Greenhood
Burnettia cuneata Burnettia cuneata Lizard Orchid
Caladenia latifolia  Caladenia latifolia  Pink Fairies
Caleana major Caleana major  Large Duck Orchid, Flying Ducks
Calochilus campestris Calochilus campestris  Copper Beard Orchid
Calochilus gracillimus  Calochilus gracillimus  Slender Beard, Late Beard Orchid
Calochilus herbaceous Calochilus herbaceous Pale Beard Orchid
Calochilus imberbis  Calochilus imberbis  Naked Beard Orchid
Calochilus paludosus Calochilus paludosus  Red Beard Orchid
Calochilus platychilus Calochilus platychilus Purple Beard Orchid
Calochilus richiae  Calochilus richiae  Bald-tip Beard Orchid
Calochilus robertsonii  Calochilus robertsonii Purple Beard Orchid
Calochilus saprophyticus Calochilus saprophyticus Leafless Beard Orchid
Calochilus saprophyticus sp aff Calochilus saprophyticus sp aff Undescribed
Calochilus therophilus Calochilus therophilus Late Beard Orchid
Chiloglottis reflexa  Chiloglottis reflexa  Autumn Bird Orchid
Chiloglottis seminuda  Chiloglottis seminuda  Forest Bird Orchid
Chiloglottis trilabra Chiloglottis trilabra Tall Wasp Orchid
Chiloglottis trilabra sp aff Chiloglottis trilabra sp aff  Undescribed
Chiloglottis prescottiana X Chiloglottis Xprescottiana  Bronze Bird Orchid
Genoplesium archeri  Corunastylis archeri  Archer's Midge Orchid
Genoplesium arrectum Corunastylis arrecta Erect Midge Orchid
Genoplesium ciliatum Corunastylis ciliata Fringed Midge Orchid
Genoplesium densa Corunastylis densa Dense Midge Orchid
Genoplesium despectans Corunastylis despectans  Sharp Midge, Purple Midge, Tiny Midge 
Genoplesium morrisii  Corunastylis morrisii  Bearded Midge Orchid
Genoplesium morrisii sp. aff. Corunastylis morrisii var. contortum  Purple Beard Midge Orchid
Genoplesium nigricans  Corunastylis nigricans  Mallee Midge, Dusky Midge Orchid
Genoplesium nudum Corunastylis nuda Tiny Midge, Beauglehole's Midge Orchid
Genoplesium nudiscapa sp. aff. Corunastylis nudiscapa Otways Midge Orchid
Genoplesium nudiscapa  Corunastylis densa Dense Midge Orchid
Genoplesium pumilum  Corunastylis pumila Green Midge Orchid
Genoplesium sp aff rufum  Corunastylis rufa sp aff  Dark Midge Orchid
Genoplesium sp aff rufum 2 Corunastylis rufa sp aff 2 Moormung Midge Orchid
Genoplesium tepperi Corunastylis tepperi Mallee Midge Orchid
Corybas aconitiflorus Corybas aconitiflorus  Spurred Helmet Orchid
Corybas despectans  Corysanthes despectans  Coastal Helmet Orchid
Corybas diemenicus  Corysanthes diemenica Toothed , Stately Helmet Orchid
Corybas diemenicus sp. aff. 1 Corysanthes diemenica sp. aff. 1 Late Helmet Orchid
Corybas diemenicus sp. aff. 2 Corysanthes diemenica sp. aff. 2 Dark Helmet Orchid
Corybas diemenicus sp. aff. 3 Corysanthes diemenica sp. aff. 3 Portland Helmet Orchid
Corybas dilatata Corysanthes dilatata Veined Helmet Orchid 
Corybas fimbriatus Corysanthes fimbriata  Fringed Helmet Orchid
Corybas diemenicus sp. aff. 4 Corysanthes grumula Mountain Helmet Orchid
Corybas hispidus  Corysanthes hispida Bristly Helmet Orchid, Large Helmet Orchid
Corybas incurvus  Corysanthes incurva Slaty Helmet Orchid, Purple Helmet Orchid
Pterostylis pedoglossa Crangonorchis pedoglossa  Prawn Greenhood
Cryptostylis erecta  Cryptostylis erecta  Bonnet Orchid
Cryptostylis hunteriana  Cryptostylis hunteriana  Furred Tongue, Leafless Tongue Orchid
Cryptostylis leptochila Cryptostylis leptochila Small Tongue Orchid
Cryptostylis subulata Cryptostylis subulata  Large Tongue Orchid
Caladenia caerulea var. caerulea Cyanicula caerulea  Blue Caladenia
Cyrtostylis reniformis Cyrtostylis reniformis  Small Gnat Orchid
Cyrtostylis robusta  Cyrtostylis robusta  Large Gnat Orchid
Dockrillia striolata subsp striolata  Dendrobium striolatum  Streaked Rock Orchid
Pterostylis aestiva  Diplodium aestivum  Long-tongue Summer Greenhood
Pterostylis alveata  Diplodium alveatum Coastal Greenhood
Pterostylis alveata sp. aff. Diplodium alveatum sp. aff. Hill Greenhood
Pterostylis atrans  Diplodium atrans  Dark-tip Greenhood
Pterostylis coccina  Diplodium coccinum  Scarlet Greenhood
Pterostylis crypta Diplodium crypta Peloric Coastal Greenhood
Pterostylis decurva  Diplodium decurvum  Summer Greenhood
Pterostylis dolichochila  Diplodium dolichochilum  Portland Shell Orchid
Pterostylis dolichochila Mallee Diplodium dolichochilum  Mallee Long Tongue Shell Orchid
Pterostylis fischii Diplodium fischii  Fisch's Greenhood
Pterostylis grandiflora Diplodium grandiflorum  Cobra Greenhood, Superb Greenhood
Pterostylis laxa  Diplodium laxum  Antelope Greenhood
Pterostylis reflexa
Pterostylis striata sp aff
Diplodium longipetalum 
Diplodium sp 'Nora Creina'
Small Autumn Greenhood
Nora Creina Shell Orchid
Pterostylis revoluta sp aff Diplodium revolutum sp aff. Large Autumn Greenhood
Pterostylis robusta  Diplodium robustum  Large Striped Greenhood
Pterostylis striata Diplodium striatum Striped Greenhood
Pterostylis striata sp aff Diplodium striatum sp aff East Melbourne Greenhood
Pterostylis tenuissima  Diplodium tenuissimum  Swamp Greenhood
Pterostylis truncata Diplodium truncatum  Brittle Greenhood, Little Dumpies
Dipodium campanulatum Dipodium campanulatum  Bell-flower Hyacinth Orchid
Dipodium hamiltonianum  Dipodium hamiltonianum  Yellow Hyacinth Orchid
Dipodium pardalinum  Dipodium pardalinum  White Hyacinth Orchid
Dipodium punctatum  Dipodium punctatum  Purple Hyacinth Orchid
Dipodium roseum  Dipodium roseum  Rosy Hyacinth Orchid
Dipodium variegatum Dipodium variegatum  Blotched Hyacinth Orchid
Disa bracteata Disa bracteata (Naturlised) Weed Orchid
Diuris basaltica  Diuris basaltica Small Golden Moths  
Diuris behrii  Diuris behrii  Golden Cowslips
Diuris pardina sp. aff.  Diuris brevissima, Diuris spaff.pardina Short-tailed Leopard Orchid
Diuris lanceolata   Diuris chryseopsis Golden moths, Snake Orchid
Diuri chryseopsis X Diuris chryseopsis X Hybrid Golden Moths
Diuris daltonii Diuris daltonii                 Western Donkey Orchid
Diuris dendrobioides  Diuris dendrobioides  Long-tail Purple Diuris, Wedge Diuris
Diuris dendrobioides sp. aff.  Diuris dendrobioides sp. aff. Blotched Diuris
Diuris fastidiosa X  Diuris fastidiosa X Proud Diuris
Diuris fragrantissima    Diuris fragrantissima Fragrant Doubletail, Sunshine Diuris 
Diuris chryseopsis sp aff 1  Diuris gregaria Clumping Golden Moths                    
Diuris monticola Diuris monticola Mountain Golden Moths
Diuris ochroma  Diuris ochroma  Pale Golden Moths
Diuris orientis Diuris orientis Donkey, Wallflower, Tall Diuris
Diuris palachila X Diuris palachila X Broad-tip Diuris, Broad-lip Doubletail
Diuris palustris  Diuris palustris  Swamp Diuris, Swamp Doubletail
Diuris pardina  Diuris pardina  Leopard Orchid, Spotted Doubletail
Diuris protena Diuris protena Early Cowslip or Northern Golden Moths Orchid
Diuris punctata  Diuris punctata var punctata Purple Diuris, Purple Donkey Orchid
Diuris sulphurea  Diuris subalpina Small Snake Orchid
Diuris subalpina Diuris sulphurea Tiger Orchid, Hornet Orchid
Diuris tricolor Diuris tricolor Painted Diuris
Eriochilus cucullatus  Eriochilus cucullatus  Parson's Bands
Eriochilus cucullatus sp 'Smooth Leaf' Eriochilus cucullatus sp 'Smooth Leaf' Smooth Leaf Parsons Bands
Eriochilus magentenus Eriochilus magentenus Magenta Autumn Orchid
Gastrodia procera  Gastrodia procera  Tall Potato Orchid, Cinnamon Bells
Gastrodia sesamoides Gastrodia sesamoides  Cinnamon Bells, Potato Orchid
Gastrodia vescula Gastrodia vescula Small Potato
Glossadenia x tutelata Glossadenia X tutelata  Hybrid Caladenia
Glossodia major  Glossodia major  Wax-lip Orchid
Glossodia major X cyanicula caerulea Glossodia major X cyanicula caerulea Wax lip Hybrid
Glossodia minor Glossodia minor Small Wax-lip Orchid
Microtis orbicularis  Hydrorchis orbicularis  Swamp Onion Orchid
Pterostylis bicolour sp aff Hymenochilus agrestis Sutton Grange Greenhood
Pterostylis bicolor  Hymenochilus bicolor  Black-tip Greenhood
Pterostylis bicolor sp. aff. Hymenochilus bicolor sp aff Dense Greenhood
"Pterostylis" clivicola Hymenochilus clivicola Mountain Black-tip Greenhood
Pterostylis mutica sp. aff. Hymenochilus confertus Leprechaun Greenhood
Pterostylis cycnocephala sp.aff.1 Hymenochilus crassicaulis Alpine Swan Greenhood
Pterostylis cycnocephala  Hymenochilus cycnocephala  Swan Greenhood
Pterostylis mutica  Hymenochilus muticus Midget Greenhood
Hymenochilus cycnocephalus sp aff 2 Hymenochilus spissus Cygnet Greenhood
Caladenia bicaliata sub sp bicaliata Jonesiopsis bicaliata sub sp bicaiata Drawf Limestone Spider
Caladenia capillata  Jonesiopsis capillata Daddy Long Legs
Caladenia filamentosa         Jonesiopsis filamentosa                   Red Daddy Long Legs                                  
Caladenia filamentosa sp aff Jonesiopsis filamentosa  sp aff Small Red Daddy Long Legs
Leporella fimbriata Leporella fimbriata  Fringed Hare Orchid
Leptoceras menziesii  Leptoceras menziesii  Hare Orchid, Rabbit Orchid
Pterostylis nana  Linguella nana  Dwarf Greenhood
Lyperanthus suaveolens Lyperanthus suaveolens  Brown Beaks, Blady Leaf
Microtis atrata  Microtidium atratum Yellow Onion Orchid
Microtis arenaria  Microtis arenaria  Notched Onion Orchid
Microtis oblonga  Microtis oblonga  Sweet Onion Orchid
Microtis parviflora  Microtis parviflora  Slender Onion Orchid
Microtis unifolia  Microtis unifolia  Common Onion Orchid
Microtis unifolia sp aff Microtis unifolia sp aff  Alpine Onion Orchid
Chiloglottis trapeziformis Myrmechila trapeziformis  Dainty Bird Orchid
Acianthus caudatus Nemacianthus caudatus  Mayfly Orchid
Pterostylis aciculiformis Oligochaetochilus aciculiformis  Slender Ruddyhood
Pterostylis aciculiformis sp. aff.  Oligochaetochilus aciculiformis sp. aff. Beechworth Ruddyhood
Pterostylis aciculiformis sp. aff. 2 Oligochaetochilus aculeatus Little Stony Rufoushood
Pterostylis basaltica  Oligochaetochilus basalticus  Basalt Greenhood
Pterostylis siseta Oligochaetochilus bisetus  Bristled Rustyhood
Pterostylis biseta sp. aff. 2 Oligochaetochilus bisetus  sp. aff. 2 Stocky Rustyhood
Pterostylis biseta sp. aff. 1 Oligochaetochilus bisetus sp. aff. 1 Mallee Rustyhood
Pterostylis boormanii  Oligochaetochilus boormanii  Boorman's Rustyhood
Pterostylis boormanii sp aff 1 Oligochaetochilus boormanii sp aff 1 Granite Rustyhood
Pterostylis boormanii sp aff 2 Oligochaetochilus boormanii sp aff 2 Sunset Rustyhood
Pterostylis cheraphila  Oligochaetochilus cheraphilus  Floodplain Rustyhood
Pterostylis despectans Oligochaetochilus despectans  Lowly Greenhood
Pterostylis despectans sp. aff.    Oligochaetochilus despectans sp. aff.        Parna Greenhood 
Pterostylis excelsa  Oligochaetochilus excelsus  Small Dryland Rustyhood
Pterostylis hamata  Oligochaetochilus hamatus  Scaly Greenhood
Pterostylis maxima  Oligochaetochilus maximus  Large Rustyhood
Pterostylis planulata Oligochaetochilus planulatus  Flat Rustyhood
Pterostylis pusilla  Oligochaetochilus pusillus  Small Rustyhood, Ruddyhood
Pterostylis setifera  Oligochaetochilus setifer  Sikh's Whiskers, Bristly Greenhood
Pterostylis squamata Oligochaetochilus squamatus Common Ruddyhood
Pterostylis valida  Oligochaetochilus validus  Robust Greenhood
Pterostylis woollsii Oligochaetochilus woollsii  Long-tail Greenhood
Pterostylis xerophila  Oligochaetochilus xerophilus  Desert Greenhood
Orthoceras strictum Orthoceras strictum  Horned Orchid, Crucifix Orchid
Orthoceras strictum sp. aff. Orthoceras strictum sp. aff. Otways Horned Orchid
Paracaleana disjuncta Paracaleana disjuncta Caleana nigrita  Grampians Duck Orchid
Paracaleana minor  Paracaleana minor  Small Duck Orchid
Paracaleana minor Apomictic Form Paracaleana minor  Apomictic Form Spectral Duck Orchid
"Caladenia" 'Motts Beach' sp Petalochilus "Motts Beach" sp Beach Finger
Caladenia alata Petalochilus alatus  Fairy Fingers
Caladenia aurantiaca  Petalochilus aurantiacus  Orange-tip Caladenia
Caladenia carnea  Petalochilus carneus  Pink Fingers
"Caladenia" carneus  sp aff 1 Petalochilus carneus  sp aff 1 Scented Fingers
"Caldenia" carneus  var subulata Petalochilus carneus  var subulata Stripped Pink Fingers
Caladenia catenata  Petalochilus catenatus  White Caladenia
Caladenia cleistantha  Petalochilus cleistanthus  Closed Caladenia
Caladenia fuscata Petalochilus fuscatus Dusky Caps
Caladenia maritima Petalochilus maritimus Angahook Caladenia
Caladenia mentiens Petalochilus mentiens Cryptic Fingers
Caladenia ornata  Petalochilus ornatus  Ornate Pink Fingers
Caladenia prolata  Petalochilus prolatus  Fertile Caladenia
Caladenia pusilla  Petalochilus pusillus  Tiny Caladenia
"Caladenia" pusillus sp aff Petalochilus pusillus  sp aff KIllawarraFingers
"Caladenia" pusillus sp aff Petalochilus pusillus sp aff  Diapur Fingers
Caladenia vulgaris  Petalochilus vulgaris Common Caladenia, Slender Fingers
"Caladenia" vulgaris sp aff Petalochilus vulgaris sp. aff. Ghost Fingers
"Caladenia" vulgaris sp. aff. Petalochilus vulgaris sp. aff. Plain Fingers
Cyanicula deformis Pheladenia deformis Bluebeard Caladenia, Blue Fairies
Plectorrhiza tridentata  Plectorrhiza tridentata  Tangle Orchid
Pterostylis plumosa Plumatichilos plumosum Bearded Greenhood
Pterostylis plumosa sp. aff. 1 Plumatichilos plumosum sp. aff. 1 Woodland Bearded Greenhood
Pterostylis plumosa sp. aff. 2 Plumatichilos sp 'Desert' Mallee Bearded Greenhood
Pterostylis plumosa sp. aff. 3 Plumatichilos plumosum sp. aff. 3 Large Bearded Greenhood
Pterostylis tasmanica  Plumatichilos tasmanicum  Southern Bearded Greenhood
Prasophyllumsp. (Nagambie)  Prasophyllum  hygrophilum  Swamp Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum alpestre  Prasophyllum alpestre  Mauve Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum diversiflorum sp. aff. 1 Prasophyllum anticum Pretty Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum appendiculatum  Prasophyllum appendiculatum  Tailed Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum australe  Prasophyllum australe  Austral Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum pyriforme sp. aff. 2 Prasophyllum barnettii Tawny Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum brevilabre  Prasophyllum brevilabre  Short-lip Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum 'Bright Shiny Maroon' sp Prasophyllum 'Bright Shiny Maroon' sp Shiny Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum chasmogamum Prasophyllum chasmogamum Yawning Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum colemaniae Prasophyllum colemaniae Lilac Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum correctum  Prasophyllum correctum  Gaping Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum correctum sp aff Prasophyllum correctum sp aff Mortlake Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum sp aff correctum Prasophyllum correctum sp aff  Western Gaping Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum diversiflorum  Prasophyllum diversiflorum  Gorae Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum diversiflorum sp. aff. 2 Prasophyllum diversiflorum sp. aff. 2 Lace Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum elatum Prasophyllum elatum  Tall Leek Orchid, Piano Orchid
Prasophyllum occidentale sp. aff. F  Prasophyllum erythrocommum  Tan Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii  Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii  Fitzgerald's Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii sp. aff. 1 Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii sp. aff. 1 Pink Lip Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii sp. aff. 2 Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii sp. aff. 2 Elfin Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii sp. aff. 3 Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii sp. aff. 3 or C Brown-lip Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii sp. aff. E Prasophyllum fitzgeraldii sp. aff. E Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum flavum  Prasophyllum flavum  Yellow Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum fosteri  Prasophyllum fosteri  Fosters Leek-orchid
Prasophyllum frenchii  Prasophyllum frenchii  Maroon Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum frenchii sp aff 1 Prasophyllum frenchii sp aff 1 Gippsland Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum frenchii sp aff 2 Prasophyllum frenchii sp aff 2 Promontory Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum gilgai Prasophyllum gilgai Chesney Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum 'Gum Lagoon' sp Prasophyllum 'Gum Lagoon' sp Brown-lip Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum hygrophilum Prasophyllum hygrophilum Nagambie Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum lindleyanum Prasophyllum lindleyanum Green Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum litorale  Prasophyllum litorale  Coastal Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum maccannii Prasophyllum maccannii Grampians Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum montanum  sp aff B Prasophyllum montanum  sp aff B Mountain Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum montanum sp aff A Prasophyllum montanum sp aff A  Mountain Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum morganii  Prasophyllum morganii  Cobungra, Mignonette Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum rogersii   Prasophyllum niphopedium Marsh Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum occidentale sp. aff. A Prasophyllum occidentale sp. aff. A Bulloke Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum occidentale sp.aff. C Prasophyllum occidentale sp. aff. C Western, Plains Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum occidentale sp. aff. D Prasophyllum occidentale sp. aff. D Riverina Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum occidentale sp. aff. E Prasophyllum occidentale sp. aff. E Clumping Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum occidentale sp. aff. G Prasophyllum occidentale sp. aff. G Strathfieldsaye Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum occultans Prasophyllum occultans Hidden Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. 1 Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. A Broad-lip Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. 2 Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. B Sandhill Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. 3 Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. C Swamp White Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. D Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. D White Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. 4 Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. E Anglesea, Scented Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. 5 Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. F Heath Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. 6 Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. G Ranges Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. 7 Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. H Otways Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. 8 Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. I Early Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. 9 Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. J Eastern Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. 10 Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. K Lemon-scented Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. L Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. L Highland Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. M Prasophyllum odoratum sp. aff. M (thought extinct) Lara Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum parviflorum Prasophyllum parviflorum  Slender Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum parviflorum sp. aff. Prasophyllum parviflorum sp. aff.  Dainty Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum paterns sp aff Prasophyllum paterns sp aff White-lipped Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum petilum sp. aff. 1 Prasophyllum petilum sp. aff. 1 Delicate Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum petilum sp. aff. 2 Prasophyllum petilum sp. aff. 2 Petite Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum pyriforme  Prasophyllum pyriforme  Silurian Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum pyriforme sp. aff. 5 Prasophyllum pyriforme sp. aff. 5 Trim Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum pyriforme sp. aff. B Prasophyllum pyriforme sp. aff. B  Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum pyriforme sp. aff. 3 Prasophyllum readii Painted Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum retroflexum Prasophyllum retroflexum Conjested Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum sphacelatum Prasophyllum sphacelatum Large Alpine Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum spicatum  Prasophyllum spicatum  Dense Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum suaveolens  Prasophyllum suaveolens  Fragrant Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum subbisectum  Prasophyllum subbisectum  Pomonal Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum suttonii  Prasophyllum suttonii  Buffallo Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum sylvestre  Prasophyllum sylvestre  Forest Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum tadgellianum  Prasophyllum tadgellianum  Alpine, Bogong Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum frenchii sp. aff. 3 Prasophyllum uvidulum Summer Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum validum sp. aff A Prasophyllum validum sp. aff.  Woodland Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum validum sp. aff. B Prasophyllum validum sp. aff.  "Woodland" Leek Orchid
Prasophyllum frenchii sp. aff. 1 Prasophyllum viretrum Basalt Leek Orchid
Pterostylis alpina  Pterostylis alpina  Alpine, Mountain Greenhood
Pterostylis alpina sp. aff.  Pterostylis alpina sp. aff.  Promontory Greenhood
Pterostylis aneaba Pterostylis aneaba Small Mountain Greenhood
Pterostylis baptistii  Pterostylis baptistii  King Greenhood
Pterostylis cuculata ssp silvicola Pterostylis cuculata ssp silvicola  Tall Leafy Greenhood
Pterostylis cucullata cucullata  Pterostylis cucullata ssp cucullata Leafy Greenhood
Pterostylis curta  Pterostylis curta  Blunt Greenhood
Pterostylis falcata  Pterostylis falcata Sickle Greenhood
Pterostylis foliata  Pterostylis foliata  Slender Greenhood
Pterostylis sp. aff. Furcata  Pterostylis lustra Small Sickle Greenhood
Pterostylis monticola Pterostylis monticola Mountain Greenhood
Pterostylis nutans Pterostylis nutans  Nodding Greenhood
Pterostylis oreophila Pterostylis oreophila Blue-tongue Greenhood
Pterostylis pedunculata  Pterostylis pedunculata  Maroonhood
Pterostylis X aenigma Pterostylis X aenigma  Enigmatic Greenhood
Pterostylis X ingens  Pterostylis X ingens Sharp Greenhood, Large Pointed
Pyrorchis nigricans  Pyrorchis nigricans  Red Beaks, Undertaker Orchid, 
Sarcochilus australis  Sarcochilus australis  Gunn's Orchid, Butterfly Orchid
Sarcochilus falcatus  Sarcochilus falcatus  Orange-blossom Orchid
Chiloglottis cornuta Simpliglottis cornuta  Green Bird Orchid
Chiloglottis jeanesii Simpliglottis jeanesii Mountain Bird Orchid
Chiloglottis valida Simpliglottis valida  Common Bird Orchid
Chiloglottis valida sp.aff. 1 Simpliglottis valida sp.aff. 1 Alpine Bird Orchid
Chiloglottis valida sp.aff. 2 Simpliglottis valida sp.aff. 2 Lowland Bird Orchid
Speculantha multiflora Speculantha multiflora Tall Tiny Greenhood
Pterostylis parviflora  Speculantha parviflora  Tiny Greenhood
Pterostylis parviflora sp. aff 1 Speculantha parviflora sp. aff. 1 Red-tip Greenhood
Pterostylis parviflora sp aff 2 Speculantha rubescens Inland Red-tip Greenhood
Speculantha parviflora sp aff 3 Speculantha parviflora sp. Aff. 3 Eastern Red tip Greenhood
Pterostylis uliginosa Speculantha uliginosa Marsh Greenhood
Spiranthes alticola Spiranthes alticola Mountain Spiral Orchid
Spiranthes sinensis  Spiranthes australis Austral Ladies Tresses
Caladenia alpina Stegostyla alpina Mountain Caladenia
Caladenia clarkiae  Stegostyla clarkiae  Clark's Caladenia
Caladenia congesta Stegostyla congesta Hooded Caladenia
Caladenia cucullata  Stegostyla cucullata Black Tongue Caladenia
Caladenia gracilis        Stegostyla gracilis Musky Caps
Caladenia hildae Stegostyla hildae  Honey Caladenia
Caladenia iridescens  Stegostyla iridescens  Western Bronze Caladenia
Caladenia iridescens sp. aff.  Stegostyla iridescens sp. aff.  Golden Caladenia
Stegostyla moschata Stegostyla moschata Musky Caps
Caladenia dimorpha Stegostyla praecox Early Caladenia
Caladenia transitoria  Stegostyla transitoria  Eastern Bronze Caladenia
Stegostyla transitoria sp aff Stegostyla transitoria sp aff Little Shining Gremlin Orchid
Pterostylis concinna  Taurantha concinna  Trim Greenhood
Pterostylis toveyana X Taurodium X toveyanum Mentone Greenhood
Thelymitra bracteata Thelychiton Lofty Sun Orchid
Dendrobium speciosus  Thelychiton speciosum  King Orchid, Rock Orchid, Rock Lily
Thelymitra alcockiae  Thelymitra alcockiae  Kath's Sun Orchid 
Thelymitra megcalyptra sp. aff. 1 Thelymitra alcockiae  Alcock's Sun Orchid
Thelymitra erosa subsp. 2 Thelymitra alpicola Alpine Sun Orchid
Thelymitra megcalyptra sp. aff. 2 Thelymitra alpina Highland Sun Orchid
Thelymitra antennifera  Thelymitra antennifera  Rabbit Ears, Lemon Orchid
Thelymitra arenaria Thelymitra arenaria Forest Sun Orchid
Thelymitra aristata  Thelymitra aristata  Great Sun Orchid, Giant Sun Orchid
Thelymitra atronitida Thelymitra atronitida Black Hooded Sun Orchid
Thelymitra azurea  Thelymitra azurea  Azure Sun Orchid
Thelymitra basaltica Thelymitra basaltica Grassland Sun Orchid
Thelymitra benthamiana Thelymitra benthamiana  Blotched Sun Orchid
Thelymitra pauciflora var. pallida  Thelymitra brevifolia Peppertop Sun Orchid
Thelymitra carnea  Thelymitra carnea  Pink Sun Orchid, Tiny Sun Orchid
Thelymitra circumsepta  Thelymitra circumsepta  Naked Sun Orchid
Thelymitra cyanea  Thelymitra cyanea  Veined Sun Orchid
Thelymitra epipactoides  Thelymitra epipactoides  Metallic Sun Orchid
Thelymitra exigua  Thelymitra exigua  Short Sun Orchid
Thelymitra flexuosa  Thelymitra flexuosa  Twisted Sun Orchid
Thelymitra gregaria  Thelymitra gregaria  Basalt Sun Orchid
Thelymitra  ixioides var. subdifformis  Thelymitra hiemalis  Green Sun Orchid
Thelymitra holmesii Thelymitra holmesii                Blue Star Sun Orchid                 
Thelymitra improcera  Thelymitra improcera      Heathland Sun Orchid
Thelymitra erosa subsp. 1 Thelymitra incurva Swamp Sun Orchid
Thelymitra inflata Thelymitra inflata Inflated Sun Orchid
Thelymitra ixioides var. ixioides   Thelymitra ixioides Spotted Sun Orchid, Dotted Sun Orchid
Thelymitra juncifolia  Thelymitra juncifolia  Large Spotted Sun Orchid
Thelymitra media var. carneo-lutea  Thelymitra longiloba Marsh Sun Orchid
Thelymitra lucida Thelymitra lucida Glistening Sun Orchid
Thelymitra luteocilium  Thelymitra luteocilium  Fringed Sun Orchid
Thelymitra malvina  Thelymitra malvina  Mauve-tufted Sun Orchid
Thelymitra spiralis   Thelymitra matthewsii Spiral Sun Orchid
Thelymitra media var. media Thelymitra media Tall Sun Orchid
Thelymitra megcalyptra  Thelymitra megcalyptra  Scented Sun Orchid
Thelymitra mucida  Thelymitra mucida  Hoary Sun Orchid, Plum Orchid
Thelymitra nuda  Thelymitra nuda  Plain Sun Orchid
Thelymitra pallidiflora  Thelymitra pallidiflora  Pale Flowered Sun Orchid
Thelymitra pauciflora  Thelymitra pauciflora  Slender Sun Orchid
Thelymitra peniculata Thelymitra peniculata Trim Sun Orchid
Thelymitra planicola Thelymitra planicola Shy Sun Orchid
Thelymitra reflexa Thelymitra reflexa Gaping Sun Orchid
Thelymitra rubra  Thelymitra rubra  Salmon Sun Orchid, Red Sun Orchid
Thelymitra  decora Thelymitra simulata Graceful Sun Orchid
Thelymitra X chasmogama Thelymitra X chasmogama  Globe-hood Sun Orchid
Thelymitra X merraniae Thelymitra X merraniae  Merran's Sun Orchid
Thelymitra truncata X  Thelymitra X truncata  Hybrid Sun Orchid
Thelymitra irregularis X  Thelymitra Xirregularis  Crested Sun Orchid
Thelymitra mackibbinii X Thelymitra Xmackibbinii  Brilliant Sun Orchid
Thelymitra macmillanii X  Thelymitra Xmacmillanii  Crimson, Salmon, Scarlet Sun Orchid
Thynninorchis huntianus Thynninorchis huntianus sp.huntianus Elbow Orchid
Pterostylis sanguinea  Urochilus sanguineus  Banded Greenhood