Photo Story:
The Damage Being

Call for Action:
Letter to the Victorian State Environment Minister

Call for Action:
Parks Victoria Response

Letter to Auditor General
Parks Victoria failure to
exterminate or control exotic
fauna in the park

Feral Horses -
declared a Potentially Threatening Process
 by DSE

Threatening Process
Gazetted, Vic
Auditor Generals Report on
National Parks 2010

Summary Report (95 kb)

Full Report (2,724 kb)
Feral Horses  in the   HIGH COUNTRY  By Bill Kosky

Feral Horse Short Notes
Summary Notes

By Bill Kosky

Feral Horse - Discussion Paper
Further reading - The issues.
By Bill Kosky

Feral Horses -Fact Sheet
March 2010
Feral Horses Survey -2009
Australian Alps NP's

Horse numbers Growing rapidly!

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