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The old duckboard is back - wow! Only a few hundred metres to the hut.
Lake Vera Hut, one of the 2 huts built for overnight stays for walkers. New duckboards around the hut lead to the various campsites and also the start of the next days walk.

Next  - Lake Vera Track Creative use of available resources - the tree trunk has been made into a grand staircase.
Timber planks make the pathway easy. Close to the end of the section next to the lake Vera.  After this the track begins to ascend towards Baron Pass.
Beautiful rainforest with lots of water.
Very mossy If not for the planks there would have been more mud.
This creek runs along next to the track and makes its way back to Lake Vera. A 450m climb and we're at Baron Pass.

Not the best views today - where is the Sun! But the contrast with the rainforest is stark.

On the top of this ridge it is not surpising that life is tough even for the trees. Really there are 3 lakes down there in the mist.  I can see one only.

We camp the night - and with better weather the lakes re-appear. White Needle - that's the name of this peak.

Landslide - ages ago. Looking back at White Needle.
Sidling around Shorlands Peak, fortunately you don't need to go over the top. We think this is Artichoke Valley.

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