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Descending from the top the weather cleared a bit. Baron Pass
Along this ridge, over Lions Head is the only way down to Irenabyss. Who's in my tent?
Last day - on the way back The clouds have lifted, finally a view.
Much better views of these lakes from Baron Pass. The rainforest on the way back to Lake Vera Hut.

  After Lake Vera you cross this "bridge" and move into the start of the Philps Lead and the start of the mud.

Walking on paths like this was quite pleasant - although rocky. Looking back towards the Needle.

We have left Philp's Lead and entered the "sodden Loddens" Frenchman's Cap in the distance.

Out of the muddy plains at last. The weather improves - wish we had thiese views on day 1.
Frenchman's Cap again. The last 2.5 hours from the Loddens can be described as easy.

Back over the Franklin River, with the realisation that it's almost over starts to sink in. Doing the right thing - signing off on our safe return.
Back again - great walk, but it's a tough one.  

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